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Tradition, quality and prestige

We are a modern company committed to a type of innovative manufacturing, maintaining some aspects of craftsmanship such as personal selection of raw material and the traditional maturation process.

PDO San Simón da Costa

Our traditional cheese is maturated during
 a period of 45 days and smoked with a 
selection of birch shavings. It is semi-hard
 paste and creamy texture cheese with 
soft flavor.
Cured Cheese

It is an ideal cheese to melt, it accompanies 
very well to all type of meats and fish, 
to the oven or like sauce. It is also 
recommended in burgers or sliced into a 
salad. Combines very well with hazelnuts, 
walnuts and apples.
Ideal for melting

Ideal pairing with a Galician white wine 
or with beer
Ideal pairing